Giulia Maidecchi

Art * Illustration * Graphic Design

* About Giulia *

* About Giulia *

Being born in the summer of 1986, my love of summer and brilliant colours influences my illustrations. this is my home, in Chiavari where I explore new worlds of illustration and graphic design always traveling with a suitcase full of nanotechnologies and in this way I can draw with precision the tiniest things. I love blending colors allowing my imagination to take off and come back creating beautiful things to make our lives more vibrant. I have a strong need to turn the world into a better place and for the moment, I do this by turning both my and your stories into fanciful images.

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I illustrate children’s books and any other kind of book. I go wild with graphic arts and layouts making sudden forays into cross-border territories such as calligraphy. I scribble all over the backside of a receipt, I portray molecules using vector graphics. I like gouache and inks and enjoy sticking small pieces of paper, mostly on my fingers, challenging both graphic tablets and computers of any kind to work for me. Luckily I have an amazing helper who gives life to incredible interactive images while repeatedly singing.

Have you browsed through the gallery or through my latest works from the newest session? Some of them have received a prize, others are for my faraway friends; the next one might be telling your story. Have you got a children’s tale to turn into a picturebook? Would you like a customized logo to represent your business? Have you a particular illustration in mind for a special event? Rush to the “contact page” and drop me a line. We will develop your idea (note that we both have to love the final result!). For additional information, you can download my portfolio and take a look to my curriculum as well…which also tells about plasmonics and me.


If you have any kind of request, comment, idea do not hesitate to contact me!

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