Scarpetta d’Oro 2013

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Scarpetta d’Oro 2013 Winner! See you in Vigonza

Winner! See you in Vigonza

Hooray! My illustration wan the first prize! Its title is "E se le scambiassi? (i. e. What if I exchange mine for these ones?) and it is being exhibited at Castello dei da Peraga – Villa Bettarini a Peraga di Vigonza (PD, Italy) from 19th October to 10th November as the winner of the as the winner of the International Children Illustration Award Scarpetta d'Oro I can say that good ideas can arrive even running to the bus stop. After overthinking the subject "Scarpe su misura" (i. e. "Shoes made to measure") many days long, I suddenly got the proper idea dashing down a steep street in Genoa, Via Papigliano. Apparently the idea was a good one! The contest calls for following steps: elementary schools will be challenged to invent a story based on my illustration and then I'll illustrate the winning tale. So I'll design my first picture book!

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